Welcome Home, to Yucaipa First Assembly. We are a church for all people. We are a church of two congregations: English and Spanish. We are a group of followers of Jesus that are desiring to passionately love God and develop a heart of compassion for people. We desire to be a safe place, a place of hope, and help. You are important at Yucaipa First.

We desire to live a life that is pleasing to God and agrees with the principles found in the Bible. We strive to be “real”. To be human, means we all have problems, but we are a church that believes that God is capable to help and deliver. We are a church that is seeking to continue the ministry of Jesus in today’s world as we work together as a team. We are “missional” in our perspective as we dwell in our beautiful valley, the Yucaipa Valley, with the cities of Yucaipa and Calimesa. We know that our purpose is to be a light and encouragement to all those who live here and in the surrounding cities.

Our church has relevant teaching, blended worship, and meaningful relationships.

May you be encouraged to find this church as your home.

Joél Vincent
Senior Pastor