SPT = Spiritual Personal Trainers:

The SPT Ministry is the entry point into a caring discipleship ministry utilized at Yucaipa First Assembly. SPT stands for Spiritual Personal Trainer. Connecting new believers with a more seasoned Christian is vital so that the new believer can have a person walk along side them in their start of the Christian life their first forty-two days.

There are two parts to this ministry.


Part One:

When a person commits him/herself to Jesus Christ, he/she receives a booklet entitled, “Welcome to Your Destiny” along with a Bible if needed. Then he/she is matched with a Spiritual Personal Trainer. In the first week, the new believer will read the book which will help them understand why they need to be back in church the next week and leads them toward their first meeting with an SPT.


Part Two:

One week later the new believer will meet one-on-one with the SPT. The new believer will receive another book entitled, “SPT – 35 Days of Spiritual Personal Training” which is a workbook devotional that he/she will use daily for the next five weeks. The SPT will call him/her each week to keep in contact and let them know that they are looking forward to their next weekly meeting.

Then they graduate to the Word Hiders weekly class for further spiritual growth.